Monday, June 7, 2010


This is the whole lot of toys I made. There are phases I go through where I just have to make them, but most of the time I rather draw. There were three main phases of my toy making hobby. With each phase, I improved significantly.

These are from phase 2. Android 17 and 18 from Dragonball. I lost 17's head and i don't think I'll ever find it lol. I no longer have any of the toys from phase 1, but trust me they are primitive.

Android 18 again with Dr. Frankenstein's monster. I made "Frankenstein" for a High School project... yes High School lol. He's kinda a part of phase 3.

Goku and Gohan from Dragonball. Phase 2. I made the phase two toys while I was in junior high and I received a lot of praise from my friends and teachers. Everybody wanted one lol

Vegeta and Goku. All of my toys at this point had movable arms.

Unnamed Original Character and an updated version of him that was unfinished. This was the first toy I made in phase 3. The updated version was the last and has been left unfinished due to lack of motivation to complete him.

Kurirrin from Dragonball. The second to last toy I made. If you all don't already know I'm a huge Dragonball fan.

Goku as a kid. Probably the most well made of my toys. Phase 3.

Galuda from Power Stone. A fun fighting game on the Dreamcast. I love that console.

All of my phase 3 toys are fully poseable.

More of Goku posing.


Galuda chillin.

Group photo!

I hope you enjoyed this d=D!


  1. this is friggen sweet brah. I like the progression pictures a lot; they're really inspiring. Congrats on the commission too :))

  2. This is amazing. HOW OLD ARE YOU TO? I'm 13 and I'm really into stuff like this. Do you have any classes or web classes?